Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Forget Diets--Bring on the Airbrush

Was anyone besides me (and, allegedly Katie Couric) really irritated by the story circulating today? ("Today," get it?) Anyway, apparently, the new CBS News anchor appears in the September issue of a magazine distributed to about 400,000 CBS affiliates and on American Airlines flights but she appeared a little chunky in the official photo so the magazine decided to trim off 20 or 30 pounds.

Now, I use Photoshop software and I know how easy that is to do. But good grief, folks, can we give it a rest on the Anorexic Ideal already?

I've decided I don't really need to lose a zillion pounds. I'll just doctor all the photos of myself and stay inside, live a virtual life, and no one will know the difference. Well, until I keel over from a heart attack and the firemen have to break out a wall of my house in order to extricate my huge self. THEN the photos won't be doctored.

Oh well. Still in my alternating-week stall. I lose lots of weight on odd-numbered weeks and stall on evens. This is week four, and I am hanging in there.

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