Thursday, August 31, 2006

The Sugar Bandit

I'm kind of discouraged today, as I slog through my stall. But I know I'm staying at below 20 carbs so it will catch up on the scales eventually.

I have been fascinated by a story in our LOCAL PAPER today about the Sugar Bandit. Now, if this is not the power of sugar, I don't know what is. Some yahoo broke into a Danny & Clyde's (sort of convenience/grocery/gas place) overnight and was arrested fleeing the scene laden with doughnuts and danishes. Asked why he broke into the store, his response was simple: "I wanted some pastries."

Now, we could go on a while about whether convenience store doughnuts and danishes could ever in this world or any other be considered real "pastries," but the bottom line is the same. The man was driven by the evil forces of Sugar to commit a felonious act.

I think someone should send the poor slob a copy of the Atkins book. Deliver it to his jail cell--just don't hide a file or a Little Debbie Swiss Roll inside.

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