Friday, August 25, 2006

Starting Again

I started this blog a few weeks ago, found it got "infiltrated" by hostile forces and now am trying to start it again. Welcome to my Low Carb Blog!

I'm a middle-aged (egads) woman living in America's Fattest City--that would be New Orleans, where we not only have our regular bad eating habits to contend with these days, but also our "stress eating" from coping with the lingering aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

I was inspired to begin low-carbing (again) about a month ago after lurking on Jimmy Moore's Living La Vida Low Carb blog for a long time, then finding the Kimkins site. If anyone doesn't know about these, let me know. I'll link to them as soon as I figure out how to do that!

Anyway, I have lost 14 pounds in the last three weeks doing "Suzikins," which is basically Atkins Induction. I'm not counting net carbs, but only total carbs because I found, in my last stab at this, that I would abuse the "net carb" rule and stuff myself with high-fiber foods that caused problems, i swear you don't want to hear the details, that I won't go into here.

I'm also trying to avoid most of the low-carb foods, the exception being the Chocoperfection bars, which I eat in small quantities (one square of a five-square bar) as a snack.

Anyway, I hope to post daily now that I'm back up and running. My goal is to lose another 66 pounds before a big conference I have scheduled for the end of March 2007. FitDay tells me that's 2.3 pounds per week. I can do this!!

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