Monday, April 16, 2007

Completely Useless Info

I should state right up front: I have an issue with my scales. Mostly because 1) I can't stay off of them; 2) They have an annoying habit of being accurate; and 3) I don't like what they say.

And I have a feeling that these new Celebrity Weighing Scales would tick me off even more.

Instead of telling my weight, they'd tell me I weighed the same as Paris Hilton--oh, wait. That was just my right leg. Oops--Mr. Ed. I weigh the same as Mr. Ed!

I haven't tried them, really. But it seems that's about how they'd work. And I have to wonder which would be the greater impetus to stick with my eating plan: seeing what I really weigh (eek!) or being told I weigh the same as a talking horse (double eek!).

I need to find the "lying scales."

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