Friday, June 15, 2007

Jonesing for a Soda?

So sue me--I am a soda fanatic. I even love Diet Coke, aspartame and all, even though I recognize that it's probably pickling my interior regions with formaldehyde as we speak.

So I was surprised--and pleased--to find a new offering at Wally World last week...Wally World, I might add, that in New Orleans since Katrina barely has any regular supply of merchandise at all and can take weeks before a sold-out item is restocked. And, yes, remember the post-Katrina footage of hooligans ransacking a Wal-Mart and hauling out electronics and massive amounts of Nikes? Well, that was my neighborhood Wal-Mart. But I digress.

So there on the shelf was a sugar-free Jones Soda. I was surprised, since the uber-hip, cultish Jones Sodas are known for their radical refusal to sweeten with high-fructose corn syrup. Their bottles, in fact, boast that they are "Pure Cane Sugar Sodas." So to see sugar-free was surprising.

I snapped up an overpriced four-pack and took it home. As I sipped a fizzy, refreshing, extremely tasty Sugar-Free Green Apple (sweetened with Splenda), I read the bottle, about how for years people had been begging them for a sugar-free soda but they never could find a taste they liked and that lived up to their standards.

Well, I guess they found it and I have to agree--it's mighty tasty. I notice on their website that they make sell sugar-free cream soda, root beer, and black cherry soda. Finding it is a bigger challenge, as I don't have much hope that Wal-mart will carry it long-term or in any variety of flavors. I think that was a fluke.

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