Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Microwave of Evil

How often do you use the microwave oven? I'm thinking, for myself, at least once a day--sometimes more. I tend to reheat more than actually cook in it. I know some low-carbers cook eggs in it but I've never liked them microwaved.

But I also don't blame my microwave for any weight problems that might be found in my household.

Under the heading of "stupid health stories," file this under "REALLY stupid." A UK professor claims thatmicrowave ovens triggered the rise in obesity.

Say huh?

Because the increase in microwave usage parallels the increase in obesity from the 1980s, this undoubtedly means that the microwave did it. Sounds kinda like the "Devil Made Me Do It" defense, and where's Flip Wilson when you need him? Oh yeah, he's dead.

Probably microwaved himself into a size 10X.

And if you need further proof of the evils of microwave cooking, look on the front of your microwave. Chances are you'll find convenient settings for popcorn and potatoes.

So toss out your microwaves, one and all! Heat up your big ovens. Pop in a cake. Obviously, if it ain't cooked in the microwave, the calories don't count.

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