Thursday, January 11, 2007

Another Scam Coming Your Way

There's a lot of buzz about the upcoming nationwide availability of Dr. Stanford Siegel's famous Cookie Diet, which, according to various reports, have led patients at his South Florida clinic to eat lots of cookies and lose 15 pounds a month.

Sounds pretty good, huh?

Well, of course the ingredients of the Magic Cookie are top-secret but you can figure out some of them. Sugar, for example. Flour. And probably fiber to give the cookies their "secret" hunger-killing properties.

Here's the deal. You eat six cookies a day, whenever you're hungry, and then have a dinner of 6 ounces of chicken or fish, plus one cup of green veggies. No red meat, because it's "too high in fat."

HELLO? The daily calorie total on the Cookie Diet is 800. Well, yeah, I guess you would lose 15 pounds a month on 800 calories a day. And be miserable and hungry and ill-tempered and, oh, did I mention listless and tired?

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