Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Supersize This

Happy New Year, and new starts and all that nonsense. After a 10-day, 4-pound-gaining break from life as we know it, I'm back in the low-carb saddle and thinking about the horrors of carb addiction. I spent the past 10 days as a walking, talking, bloated example of the carb-obsessed, out-of-control addict that I now know myself to be. Enough already. I'm sitting here with a bottle of water and waiting for withdrawals to begin.

I did manage to watch the documentary "Supersize Me" over the holidays--okay, so I'm a few years behind the 8-ball on this one. I found myself getting more and more irritated as the thing progressed. By the end, I wanted Morgan Spurlock, the filmmaker, to go ahead and have liver failure already and die a righteous death trying to save fat people from the evils of Ronald McDonald and just get it over with.

I realize that eating Mickey D's or any other fast food for 30 days straight, three meals a day, is not something one should do. But to think that on day 21 his liver was damaged "beyond repair," according to his Drama Queen MD, just strikes me as absurd. The whole thing struck me as absurd, actually. Our bodies are amazingly resilient, as witnessed by the fact that his "failing liver" returned to normal in, oh, about a week. Sheesh. All the drama.

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