Thursday, January 18, 2007

My Little Pony, uh, I Mean Food Pyramid

Did you know that the USDA never really published their revised food pyramid--it's only online? And that they're now going to start a push to drive people to their interactive website, where you plug in a little basic info (age, activity level) and they will provide you with a "personalized" food pyramid?

So I did that, and here's my daily food recommendations according to Uncle Sam:

-- 6 ounces of grains--half of them should be whole grains. I guess the rest can be Frosted Flakes.

--2.5 cups of veggies daily, or 16.5 weekly, of which 3 cups should be dark green, 2 cups should be orange, 3 cups should be dried beans or peas, 3 cups should be starchy (I thought peas WERE starchy--guess this could be potatoes, and 6.5 cups should be other. More potatoes?

--1.5 cups daily of fruit. How many cups is an apple?

--3 cups a day of milk/dairy

--5 ounces/day of meat/eggs/protein. Five ounces? Less than grains?

--5 teaspoons of oil a day.

--195 calories a day of "extras" such as sugar or extra fat.

It's better than what it was, and it's easy to see it headed begrudging toward lower carb. Still need to up the protein, lower the grains, be more specific on the type of oil that's recommended.

To find what they want you to eat, click here.

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