Wednesday, May 23, 2007

All the News That Fits

Sorry for "falling down on the job" lately--some things going on I don't want to jinx by writing about yet. Hang tight.

In the meantime, there's been a lot of (the usual conflicting) health news out recently. A recap:

•• The diabetes drug Avandia is about to join Vioxx in the lawsuit game as researchers are finding a correlation between the drug and heart disease. I took Vioxx at a high dose for arthritis a while back, and finally quit taking it because of heart palpitations. And THEN I heard about the problems. So the FDA contends with that constant tug of war between making drugs available quickly to people who need them vs. longterm testing for safety.

•• Arrgghh. This study coming out of Calgary is making the rounds to reinforce those belonging to the Church of Low-Fat Dining. According to the study, women who consume a high-fat diet while pregnant pass on a greater possibility of their children becoming diabetic. Well, the women's diets were low fiber and no info as to sugar. Duh.

•• So, according to Chicago's public health commissioner the reason so many kids these days are obese is because their moms work outside the home. Yep, moms staying home baking cookies with the rugrats would certainly solve that problem. Sheesh.

•• Just in case you don't want to eat sugary Jelly Bellies but would like to smell like them, here's a companyproducing a new line of Jelly Belly colognes. They already have some candy-scented colognes. Which brings me to the whole question of the psychology of a person who wants to smell like blueberry muffins. I mean, am I missing something here? What type of suitor would a woman wearing Hot Fudge Sundae cologne attract? I guess someone more interesting than the one attracted to another of their scents, Dirt.

I'll catch up more, later.

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