Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Jordin Sets a Bad Example? Puh-leeze.


I don't know much about the National Action Against Obesity and its founder MeMe Roth, but check out this video from Fox News' Neil Cavuto "Common Sense" show.

Arrggghhh (sound of hair tearing from scalp).

Ms. Roth, or should I say MeMe--because it's obviously all about HerHer--is on a rant about how Jordin Sparksshould not win "American Idol" because in her "obesity" she sets a bad example for teens. Okay, let me get this straight. This is a smart, pretty, enormously talented 17-year-old who is not anorexic but, I mean, really, this is a singing competition, right? And we don't want her as an example for our kids.

By this way of thinking, then, I suppose MeMe would think Paris and Lindsay are great teen role models in their anorexic state. (Not pudgy Britney, though.)

How really warped is this line of thinking? Is it just me?

Aarrrggg (more hair ripping from scalp).

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