Friday, May 25, 2007

Donald Trump Needs Your Money

Yeah, yeah. I know. Eat more chicken and fish. Eat more veggies. Pork is the other white meat.

But don't you just love a good steak?

I have trouble finding a good steak, frankly. I can buy one that looks nicely marbled and it still end up tougher than John Wayne's boot leather despite my best marinades and pre-grill TLC.

I have ordered from Omaha Steaks before but when you live in a city that could double as a blast-furnace between May and November, getting anything frozen delivered is sort of a joke.

But there's a new player in the mail-order beef biz: The Donald. Just check out Trump Steaks. Ah, yes, this has the makings of a joke all over it. But, alas, no.

And it makes a great Father's Day gift, according to the Sharper Image folks, who are selling the steaks online. There are Filet Mignons, New York Strips, Cowboy Bone-In Rib Eyes, Porterhouses and Trump Steak Burgers. You can get four of each type of steak and 24 burgers for a mere $1,000.

Okey-dokey. Back to Wal-Mart for me.

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