Thursday, May 10, 2007

An End to Fat Free Diets!!

You just gotta laugh at some of the headlines these days. What do you think if you read the above headline? I'd think: "Great! People have finally wised up and realize dietary fat isn't evil!"

But, of course, I'd be quite wrong.

This headline was actually related to new research coming out of Wake Forest University. Researchers have apparently done some knockout-mice research that offers the promise of genetically altering US so we don't suffer from eating that nasty fat.

A "knockout mouse" sounds like a cartoon character, but it's actually a hot thing in genetic research circles. A knockout mouse is one that has had a specific gene or set of genes "knocked out" for research purposes. In this case, the mice had their ACAT2-producing gene removed. The ACAT2 enzyme affects the impact of fat when ingested.

I'm making jabs at this research but it really is quite promising for people with the predisposition to develop atherosclerosis, regardless of whether that atherosclerosis is actually caused by a particular kind of fat.

On the other hand, it could just open the door for people to think they have a "free pass" when it comes to doughnuts or other trans-fatty foods that also contain a lot of sugar and simple carbs. Then folks won't have atherosclerosis but it sure won't have an impact on diabetes, obesity or overall health.

Knockout THOSE mice, why don't they?

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