Wednesday, May 16, 2007

What Kind of Eater Are You?

I recently found this interesting post from fitness coach Alice Green about determining what kind of eater you are.

I've talked a lot about my Katrina Evacuation Chocolate Frenzy, as I've come to think about it. I had never been a big chocolate eater and didn't think I was really a stress eater, being a generally laid-back, calm type of person. But as I sat day after day watching my life fall apart on national TV, I wanted chocolate, I wanted lots of it, and I wanted it BAD.

But this was an interesting list of "eating types," and the author contends that our eating type determines how we struggle with food. And that most of us are a combination of types. This all makes a lot of sense to me.

So, what are her types?

  • The Chaotic Eater. Tends to skip meals, eat without routine, and don't plan. This is NOT me. I'm a by-the-clock eater.
  • The Unconscious Eater. Isn't tuned in to how much she's eating, tends to eat while doing other things--TV, talking, working. I do have some of this in me.
  • The Emotional Eater. Uses food to cope with feelings. Often eat a whole package of something before they realize it. Feel powerless around food. Yeah, okay, I've owned up to this one.
  • The Waste-Not Eater. Hates to see food go to waste so has to finish it off. Nah, I'm not shy about throwing stuff out.
  • The Refuse-Not Eater. Can't say no when someone invites them out or offers them food whether they want it or not. Eats to make others feel good. Uh....not really, I don't think.
  • The Restrictive Eater. Always going on one diet or another with a vengeance. Constantly creating lists of "good" and "bad" foods. Vascillate between under-eating, over-eating and bingeing. Obsessive. DING DING DING. Raising hand now.
  • The Intuitive Eater. I guess this is the one we should all strive to be--conscious of body hunger signals. You know, eats when hungry, stops when not hungry.
It's how to get from Point A to Point B that's the problem.

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