Saturday, February 10, 2007

Chow Down

Always on the prowl for new things to eat, I've come across a couple of interesting finds lately.

First, the folks at Eat Well Be Well won me over a while back by offering a nice dark chocolate bar with only 2 net carbs (14 grams of fiber) and a great flavor and--best of all for me--NO MALTITOL.

Recently, I tried their Vanilla Almond Cereal, also sugar free and without sugar alcohols and made with whole wheat and brown rice. It's mildly sweetened with Splenda and Ace-K and if you can tolerate any grains in your diet, it's a nice crunchy breakfast cereal loaded with sliced almonds.

Next on my list: Fred's Incredible Muffins from the Maplewood Bake Company--I had to buy these online, but was intrigued by the idea of a decent-sized muffin with only 1 net carb. There are a couple of flavors--I bought the Banana Walnut. It doesn't taste much like banana but instead like a nice, nutty pumpkin muffin.

Which makes sense, as pumpkin is the first ingredient listed, along with Erythritol to provide sweetness and fiber (and none of the side effects of maltitol). The muffins are only mildly sweet but have a nice texture and pumpkin flavor for 100 calories, 1 net carb or--if you're doing Weight Watchers--1 point.

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