Thursday, February 1, 2007

Me, on a Diet

Haven't updated my own sojourn lately. It's because I'm waiting impatiently for that next milestone. I'm 2.6 pounds away from the 60-pound-loss mark since beginning this journey for the long haul last July.

I switched from Kimkins, where I was floundering at 900 calories a day, back to Atkins, where I was still floundering but at least wasn't feeling like a concentration camp diner, to a Weight Watchers version of South Beach--still carb-controlled but adding some whole grains and fruit back in. The last change seems to have me jump-started again, so I'll stick with it until when and if I hit a plateau, then will swing back to Atkins.

I seem to remember from the old version of the Atkins Diet Revolution -- it has since been taken out of the "New" Diet Revolution -- that it could be beneficial to switch weight-loss tactics for a short period to jump-start your weight loss.

I'll update again when I reach that "magic 60." Never mind I have another magic

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