Friday, February 2, 2007


I'm seeing a lot of buzz lately about products, specifically muffins and muffin tops, from the folks at Vitalicious. They have sugar-free, low-carb muffins (6 net carbs, or 1.5 points if you're doing the Weight Watchers thing) and I was all set to order some until I saw the deadly ingredient. Yep, there it was--Maltitol. 11 grams of it.

Why oh why must manufacturers make nice products with lots of fiber and healthy ingredients then take the cheap route out and use polyols for their primary sweeteners? The Vitalicious muffins have it as their third ingredient (behind water and whole wheat flour). They also have erythritol and sucralose, but in much smaller amounts.

Are there really that many people who can tolerate maltitol? Strange that among my family and friends I know ofno one who can eat more than a bite without suffering the consequences. And you know the consequences of which I speak!

So, no muffins for me. Sigh.

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