Thursday, February 15, 2007

Eat Well, Be Well R.I.P.

Several folks have asked me about Eat Well, Be Well Foods, Inc., since I posted a link to their website a few days ago. The afternoon I posted about this Hood River, Ore., company formerly known as Carbsense Inc., their website shut down with only the message that the company was out of business as of Jan. 31, 2007. I've been looking for more information about their demise but so far, no luck. I'll update if I learn anything more. It seems sudden, as the company had just launched new sugar-free, no-sugar-alcohol product lines and two months ago hired former NBA star Dominique Wilkins as a spokesman.

I hate to see this company go down, as they were one of the very few to make whole-grain and chocolate products that were free not only of sugar but of sugar alcohols. I'll keep digging but if anyone knows the scoop, please share!

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