Friday, March 2, 2007

The New Magic Beans

In the story of Jack and the Beanstalk, Jack gets his hands on some magic beans that grow a stalk capable of taking him to the land of Giants.

Now, giant people may have a bean that can help bring us--or our weight--back to earth. Or at least if the food industry responds to this news about black soybeans the way I think they will.

Antioxidant properties of dark chocolate have brought us questionable chocolate cereal and even chocolate-dipped Altoids. Omega-3s are being pumped into pasta.

Now, with the study that shows black soya prevented test rats from gaining weight and increasing their "bad cholesterol"--if you buy into the whole cholesterol hoo-ha--I'm waiting to see which food manufacturer is first out of the gate with black-soy dingdongs or ho-hos.

Better yet, go to your favorite local or online store and buy some plain old black soybeans, and stew 'em up with some nice andouille (or lean ham). Low carbs, high fiber...and now some other good stuff too!

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