Wednesday, March 14, 2007


Here comes a recipe from Sweden, so excuse my French...

I like to have beans ready in my freezer...I use them as a base for many dishes. Do this on a weekend.

Buy dried beans the kind you like--many different sorts, but make sure they are almost the same size so the beans will get done in the same time).Cook a big pot or two pots--one big sized beans, one small sized beans.

Cool off, then blend both sizes of beans together

Blend in all kinds of seeds you like- sunflower, linseedkross, buckwheat, sesame seeds, ec.

Blend in fresh-cut pieces of onion and garlic.

Blend in your favorite herbs and spices.

Put into plastic bags and store in freezer.

When you're in a hurry, put a bit of water and the "bean blend" in a frying pan and cook slightly with your favorite oil, or add fresh greens, feta, tofu or mushrooms—whatever leftovers you have. Voila! Enjoy!

Submitted by Lisbet,
Lindgren, Sweden

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