Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Suite Dreams

I'm sitting here in my snazzy suite on the 44th floor of the Chicago Marriott, pretending I have a different life. 'Cause this one doesn't seem like mine.

So the deal is, I helped plan this big national conference to be held here in Chicago the last three workdays of March, and I didn't get paid by my professional organization. I get paid now, with perks, I guess. So I'm in my honkin' big suite, looking out over a chilly Chicago as a thick fog rolls in off Lake Michigan. I was supposed to be taking one of my favorite authors, Rick Bragg, to dinner tonight but his flight was delayed, so dinner was also delayed. I head out for late dinner at 8:30.

BUT I was happy to see a "carb conscious" menu here at the hotel. Yay! There are steak & eggs for breakfast. Spinach salads. Shrimp Cocktail. Pan-seared Ahi Tuna with vegetable caponata, and more. Nice touch, Marriott.

Of course, I DID see that french toast on the menu...

More later.

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